Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Current Obsessions

I GO through phases of being obsessed with certain items. I now present you the high-waisted shorts obsession... Ok, it's mixed a little with my obsession with Rachel Bilson... *TA-DA*

I FINALLY found some awesome shorts at Mr Price (of course) so my obsession was upgraded to...

I PRESENT the lace high-waisted shorts.

TO FIND these unicorns of fashion is my next mission.

AND OF course my obsession with Pinterest continues.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cycling Adventures

I HAVE become very restless on the weekend. I yearn to do new activities but often don't have partners-in-crime who are keen or know what to do. So I was delighted when a mate from work was keen for a cycle on the beach. Exercising outdoors? Getting a tan? Bonding with a friend? Count me in!

YOU KNOW the saying that it's just like riding a bike? Well, it doesn't come back as easily as you think! I was swerving all of the place, paranoid I was going to cycle into someone or just fall over. The strong wind didn't help either. But all in all, it was a wonderful cycle and one that I hope happens again!


Bicycle Love.

Dixie Obsession

I AM a TV addict. This is old news. But my obsession with Hart of Dixie is new and it ain't going away any time soon!

IF YOU haven't seen it, you're in for a real treat! Dr. Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) moves to the small town of Bluebell where she struggles to fit in. And don't worry, it's not like Grey's Anatomy where the whole show is based around the hospital. There is lots of small town gossip, a pro athlete as mayor and FANTASTIC fashion. I've always loved Rachel's style but they really take it to another level in the show.

I BLAME this show for my increasing need to find a great pair of high-waisted shorts. Whilst researching (read "drooling over") images of the show, I came across this nugget...

HOW ON earth could gorgeous Wade (see next image) have had long hair and elfish ears?!? I need answers and I need them now! This pair actually first met on hands-down the best show ever, The O.C. He may be part of the reason why I'm so addicted to the show.... Okay he's a pretty big reason.

IF YOU wanna get in on the action, tune in on Friday nights on Mnet Series. Prepare to have another good reason to be excited about Friday.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pin Ink

I'VE STARTED Pinning and I can't stop. There I said it. It's addictive and I can't stop. And now I've discovered the ink pics. Dammit. Enter the ink lust.

I LOVE this one.... Not too sure about the placement though.

I love anchor tatts and I love couple tatts even more.

MY NEED for new ink is never-ending.

It's a Race! I'm Winning, I'm Winning!

THREE WEEKS back I saw a Facebook post by Exclusive Books on winning a Summer Sale One Minute Dash. Of course I entered. And I WON! I couldn't contain my excitement.

BASICALLY THEY gave me a minute to get as many books as I could from their Summer Sale tables, six tables altogether. Visions of me preparing like Rocky that night flooded my mind. The advice my dad gave me, "Make like an octopus and grab as many books as you can", ran through my head as I made my game plan. Some girls came with me from the office and actually got to help me by holding open the plastic bags (which EB gave to us for FREE... um, okay). As I scanned the tables, seeing what books I wanted to grab first, thoughts of Reggies Rush ran through me. Do you remember Reggies Rush? If you don't, what kind of childhood did you have?!? I always thought what toys I would get and if I would get anything for my brother, depending how many times he had beaten me up that week.

My Haul
 WHEN THE time started, apparently I was really calm, strategically going from table to table, getting the books I wanted. When I look back, after going through the books I got, I really should have got more than one copy of some of them. That would have made great presents, and not cuz they were free. But mostly... It was an experience to remember! Knowing the books are yours and not having to pay for them, it's fun and incredible. When the time was done, and the books being counted by the staff (who were amazing and so helpful), I couldn't believe what had just happened. All in all, I got 67 books. I did truly feel like I was stealing from them!

I KEPT 27 of the books. My two standout favourites had to be The Cocktail and Dita von Teese's Burlesque/Fetish book. Some went to my office mates, and all the kids books went to a school. I really wanted to get kids' books if I had the time; let's not be so selfish shall we? I truly love the books I kept... now if only I could take a month off work to read them all. That would be the cherry on top!

The incredible artwork in The Cocktail.

Illustrations by Kat Macleod.