Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm Back

I HAVE finally returned to my lonely blog and dusted the cobwebs off my brain. I recently spent a month in Brazil and have returned very lazy and quite the procrastinator. Not a good way to approach my final year at college.

THE TRIP was great; I decided to go to Brazil to visit my Brazilian friend who I met in America and I had a bad case of the travel bug. The beaches are beautiful there, so blue! There weren't many waves on the beaches I had been to so I bought a strapless bikini. Read: useless to wear in even the calmest of waters. I wore it to a new beach which had the biggest waves I had seen for quite some time! I am quite glad to report I managed to keep the top on AND not drown so that was quite an accomplishment.

I SAW some incredible sights and met some great people, many of whom were traveling all around South America. It takes a special kind of person to leave home and not know where you going apart from a few vague ideas. The Christ statue was mind-blowing and I had an incredible time exploring a new place and being a little out of my element for a while. But there is no place like home I tell you. No place.