Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sushi and Premiers

LAST NIGHT was a lovey evening of good food, a good movie and good company. I won tickets to attend the premier of Drew Barrymore's new movie, Going the Distance, so I invited my best mate who in return brought sushi for us to dine on beforehand. Being a sushi addict, I was a VERY happy bunny!

I KNEW the movie was going to be a chick flick because it's about a couple who decide to do the whole long-distance-relationship vibe but I didn't realize how funny it was going to be! Justin Long is the main guy in the movie and he has two lovely (for lack of a better term) best friends who drop lines that made me LOL, constantly! The friends are worth going to watch the movie again.
CHRISTINA APPLEGATE acts as Drew's older sister despite old not being a word you would use to describe her. After being diagnosed with breast cancer and getting through it stronger, I really admire Miss Applegate. Plus she looks incredible! As did Drew, I loved most of her outfits but some just didn't work for me. I did love her blond hair and am definitely gonna layer mine like hers when it gets a little longer.

HERE IS Drew on the cover of the August issue of Elle (USA), looking amazing as a blond!

OVERALL I really enjoyed it and am now going to proceed to persuade the boyf to come watch it with me!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Days Gone By

THIS WEEK has come to an end with quite a few interesting tales between Monday and Sunday. So Monday I returned back to college, fine for the time being but just wish it started at 11 every morning.

THURSDAY WAS the strangest twist of an evening, with freak outs, ghosts of boys past and farewells. Saturday I got my Blackberry which made my week and has taken up my entire Sunday as I try to figure out how to use it. I also went to watch Knight and Day last night which was quite a good movie, with a few giggles here and there, but what made the night was watching two teenage couples in front of us make out at the same times. The boyf and I were quite amazed at how the one couple kept their heads so still; we thought they were sleeping at one stage. That couldn't have been fun.

AND AMONGST this strange week, I have rediscovered The Hills and The City. I never get sick of reality shows so I was happy to see these were still on. I'm glad to see how successful Whitney Port is doing in The City; she has her own designer line now called Whitney Eve and it's beautiful. Here are a few of my faves:

WHAT I have not missed watching in The City is how bitchy Olivia can be. The things she says and does amazes me as to how someone can actually act like that. The fact that she has my dream job (working at a magazine, especially one as prestigious as Elle) makes my blood boil!

AND TOMORROW is once again Monday; I can't believe it. Having returned to college after such a long holiday, I once again have learnt the value of Friday. So the countdown to such an amazing day begins all over again. I hope everyone has a great week!

Friday, September 10, 2010

My Love for LC Continues

LAUREN CONRAD can do nothing wrong in my eyes; she is my style icon and her reality show, The Hills, is one of my ultimate fave shows! She now has some of her clothing line at Kohl's, which is unfortunately not in South Africa, and here are some of my fave's:

THE DRESS in the middle is my favorite and I love how she does her hair. I have yet to figure out how to do such wondrous things with my GHD styler but I will continue to attempt such things.

SO IT is finally Friday! After returning to college it has taken much getting used to waking up early and concentrating the whole day. It's a lot to ask for in a girl! So after quite a busy week and a little procrastinating here and there I'm taking it very easy this weekend. I'm more than happy to relax in front of the TV, occasionally rising to work on some assignments and maybe, just maybe, venture out to a movie with the boyf. I'm quite keen to watch Vampires Suck so I think that could be on the cards for tomorrow night. As for this afternoon I could FINALLY be getting a Blackberry! Much excitement!

SO I hope everyone's weekend could be as hopefully happy as mine will be!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blast from the Past

I JUST saw this pic of Kate Hudson and ex-hubbie Chris Robinson and man I love her dress! I know a little on the slutty side seeing as it's see-through but she can pull it off. And she also has a rocking body which she claims is from pole-dancing, which I still wanna try but there are unfortunately no classes in Durban. Very upsetting.

Celebs in the Bighouse

CELEBRITIES ARE constantly getting "Out of Jail Free" cards in this game of Monopoly the world is playing. From Paris Hilton's drug busts to Lindsey Lohan's DUI's to the OJ Simpson murder, not one celebrity has spent more than a month behind bars.

RECENTLY THE Bling Ring in Hollywood, which was targeting celebrities' homes, finally got arrested. Alexis Neiers, one of the stars of E!'s reality show Pretty Wild, was arrested during filming and showed all the court proceedings following her arrest. Here is her mugshot:

IT'S PRETTY ironic she and LiLo went to the same detention facility as LiLo was one of the stars that had been robbed by the Bling Ring. Neiers spent one month there out of her six month sentence. Typical celebrity. Here's a shot of her leaving the facility.

UPON HER release she said that she is "humbled, blessed," and "very grateful for my family right now." Who knows what wild think Alexis Neiers is gonna do next but I doubt it's gonna be long before she's back in the headlines.