Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Laziness, such Laziness

So I've been on holiday for approximately 3 weeks. I have no idea what I've been doing in the past 3 weeks but time has passed quite quickly. I'm very glad to announce my fellow playmates are finally joining me in the playground as their exams are coming to an end. Finally. It's been lonely out here.

With the departure of my brother (to A-merry-ka) comes the return of my Boyf from inland. When dropping off the brother at the airport, he looked like he was joining the army; crew cut, black clothes, rucksack, the whole deal. He said he was going to "build snow". In a state where it ONLY snows. Joining the army sounds more plausible.

Gerard Butler has finally made another action film after his fame of 300. I watched Law Abiding Citizen today and it was amazing! It's scary to think how the judicial system could work sometimes, but Butler got his revenge!

This weekend we're going down the coast for a girls weekend. I'm quite excited, I'm not gonna lie. I think I need to start packing.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

State of Work

As a student, I have yet to fully enter the workforce. But I, unfortunately, still waitress. And previously worked overseas as an au pair. What I have discovered, which will alter the way I look at work, is the more I work, the more I get paid.
As an au pair, if I needed more money, I worked overtime. As a waitress, if I need money, I work more shifts. It is a bad habit to form because once I have entered the Real World, there will be set times and set money. There is no such thing as getting paid to work more. But there is the option of promotion, which neither au pairing nor waitressing has to offer.
I can see why people get stuck in a rut with their job; I work with some waiters that are in their 30s. But after they finish their shift, they get to leave and not worry about work or do extra at home. They are finished until their next shift. Au pairing depended on how attached you were to the kids and how affected you are by them after work. But the Real Job, that, you work your 9 to 5 than you get to go home to stress a little more about it. Maybe kiss your social life goodbye to deal with your growing paperwork. Maybe develop a drinking habit to help cope.
Some will say, enjoy the student life while you can. Personally, I can't wait to enter the Real World. I just have to graduate and find a Real Job first.

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Undead Reborn

Wow I have not blogged for quite some time. I blame the approaching summer. I associate un-productiveness with summer. Thus once I see the sun shining I stop doing everything I am not paid to do.

I am finished college for the year, like a month before everyone else. Yes I'm glad but there is no one to play with. They are all stuck indoors while I'm sitting on the swings with no one to push me. But I would rather be doing nothing than studying.

Having located myself in front of the TV permanently, I have watched quite a few movies. One actress I find who is totally underrated is Kaley Cuoco. She became popular with the show 8 Simple Rules; I first saw her on Big Bang Theory where I enviously tuned in to the Nerd Fest to see all her amazing outfits each week. But what really made her stand out to me was her movie To be Fat like Me where she puts on a fat suit and does a documentary on how people treat those who are bigger than most. It was released in 2007 so she was quite young than and showed a lot of talent. She is gorgeous and I even found a nude pic (or two, or three. I'm starting to suspect she found fame in porn) of her when I did a google search about her so I definitely think she has a long future ahead of her in Hollywood.