Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Facebook Me

I WATCHED The Social Network Movie last night and I must say I am consequently in love with computer nerds!

I AM quite a fan of the Facebook but never really put much thought into how it got started up. But the movie trailer with Kanye West's Power made it seem so badass; it was a must-see. Basically Mark Zuckerberg, a Harvard student at the time, created Facebook one night whilst drunk. It was first only available to Harvard students than began expanding to other schools in the areas then nationwide. It moved onto other continents and is now available worldwide.

THERE WAS quite a lot of suing involved when Facebook first came out as Zuckerberg was accused of stealing an idea. Tyler Winklevoss and his twin Cameron along with their friend Divya Narendra came up with a very similar concept and had included Zuckerberg in the planning. So they were not impressed when Facebook "went live" as they call it.

EVEN THOUGH the movie drops a lot of nerd equations, it was very interesting going back to how it was created to the court proceedings going on later. Jesse Eisenberg played Zuckerberg; I loved him in the movie as I really enjoy him after he starred in Zombieland. He was a witty asshole.

The cast: Justin Timberlake, Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg. The real Mark Zuckerberg.

THE EYECANDY were the Winklevoss twins, although the real twins aren't nearly as goodlooking. And what was even more interesting: there was only one actor. It was Armie Hammer and the body double was Josh Pence with Hammer's face imposed on it. Dam I would have loved two Hammers!

Armie Hammer

AND HERE is my personal favourite quote of the movie:
Gage: Did you initially give $1000 to be used in the startup of
Eduardo Saverin: Yes.
Gage: And then did you also give an additional $18000 after that?
Eduardo Saverin: Yes.
Gage: So $1000 plus $18000 makes a total of $19000 that you gave...
Mark Zuckerberg: Hang on! Wait... I just want to check your math... yeah ok, go on.
SO GET out there and go see it!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Putting Things into Perspective

THESE PAST few weeks have been quite hectic for me. Three weeks ago a guy drove into me and consequently wrote off my car. My face was pretty banged up from the airbag but I was fine. Then yesterday we had a break-in at our home and my laptop was one of the two things that were stolen. Very unlucky and very upset about it!

BUT THE breaking news of the death of pro-surfer Andy Irons has really put things into perspective. I'm still alive, just minus a few possessions.

THE SHOCKING news broke in the early hours of this morning. Irons had died in his Dallas hotel room, on his way home to his pregnant wife in Hawaii. He had pulled out of the last surfing contest due to illness which may have been dengue fever. Irons has suffered from it before but recovered. Some reports are suggesting a methadone overdose.
I WAS quite shocked to read he recovered from a drug addiction only last year. But I think the saddest part of this story is his wife Lyndie who is left behind. Losing your husband at such a young age must be devastating, especially as she is pregnant. She is due to give birth to a son next month.

SO MY prayers go out to his wife, his family, and his unborn son who will only meet him in another life. Rest in peace Andy Irons. Let your legacy live on.

THIS IMAGE was provided by Zigzag surfing magazine.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

That Shoot

I DON'T watch the show Glee but from what I've heard it's very similar to High School Musical, but just less Disney-like.

SO I was quite surprised to see such a racy photo shoot of Lea Michele, Dianna Agron and Cory Monteith. I know they aren't really in high school but wow! These photos are a little Comments on the photos ranged from loving it to hating it and suggesting pedophilia. I wouldn't go that far but I know some kids do look up to these stars. But the main point is that the magazine is targeted at men and these stars gotta "grow up" and leave the show sometime.

HERE A few of the shots, you can see all the images here.

I LOVE Lea's shoes, they are awesome! But it does seem that Lea was made out to be the "slut" in this shoot because she is wearing less clothing than the other two in all the images. And then there's this image of her...

UM WHAT'S up with the crotch shot? Anyway, here's a normal shot of the three:

DO YOU think this shoot was inappropriate for Glee stars?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

"The 33 Crosses That Never Were"

I'M NOT one to usually write about news topics but this rescue really brings tears to my eyes. I think every cent and ounce of strength used to rescue those 33 miners in Chile was worth it. Seeing how much effort was used restores my faith in humankind!

HERE IS an extract from a piece written by Hernán Rivera Letelier, who is a Chilean writer and who was once a miner. It is entitled The 33 Crosses That Never Were:

"I hope that the avalanche of lights and cameras and flashes that is rushing towards you is a light one. It's true that you've survived a long season in hell, but, when all's said and done, it was a hell you knew. What's heading your way, now, comrades, is a hell that you have have not experienced at all: the hell of the show, the alienating hell of TV sets. I've only got one thing to say to you, my friends: grab hold of your family. Don't let them go, don't let them out of your sight, don't waste them. Hold on to them as you hung on to the capsule that brought you out. It's the only way to survive this media deluge that's raining down on you. Take it as advice from another miner who knows a bit about these things."

I WISH I could have been there to see those miners resurface, I can imagine it was an experience bordering on religious. The footage of Mario Sepulveda, now aptly nicknamed Super Mario, was amazing. He was so excited to be out of that hellhole, he was hugging everyone. I can only imagine the joy and adrenalin coursing through his body.

MY HERO would have to be the miner who VOLUNTEERED to be the last to resurface. I don't know about you, but I would never be able to stay there by myself for 12 minutes, which is what Luis Urzúa did. Then there were the words he said to the president, Sebastian Pinera, during their phone call on the 17th day:
"Mr President, we need you to be strong and to rescue us as soon as possible. Don't abandon us."

WOW! AS for the miner, Yonni Barrios, who was greeted by his MISTRESS! I'm sure his wife was not a happy camper when she found out about her!

HERE ARE some incredible images of what has captured the world's attention and hearts:

I'M SO glad the world was watching and waiting for those 33 incredible men.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Separarted at Birth

CAMERON DIAZ and South African-born model, Candice Swanepoel, look shockingly alike.

CANDICE WAS doing her latest shoot for Victoria Secret's bikini line and those cozzi's were amazing! Check out the shoot here!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I KNOW it's been a while but busy is the life of a student. Well at least one who does all their work. But I just came across this pic and I had to share it! It's the cast of True Blood (not that I watch the show) in the nude with fake blood. I find it awesome! Enjoy it!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sushi and Premiers

LAST NIGHT was a lovey evening of good food, a good movie and good company. I won tickets to attend the premier of Drew Barrymore's new movie, Going the Distance, so I invited my best mate who in return brought sushi for us to dine on beforehand. Being a sushi addict, I was a VERY happy bunny!

I KNEW the movie was going to be a chick flick because it's about a couple who decide to do the whole long-distance-relationship vibe but I didn't realize how funny it was going to be! Justin Long is the main guy in the movie and he has two lovely (for lack of a better term) best friends who drop lines that made me LOL, constantly! The friends are worth going to watch the movie again.
CHRISTINA APPLEGATE acts as Drew's older sister despite old not being a word you would use to describe her. After being diagnosed with breast cancer and getting through it stronger, I really admire Miss Applegate. Plus she looks incredible! As did Drew, I loved most of her outfits but some just didn't work for me. I did love her blond hair and am definitely gonna layer mine like hers when it gets a little longer.

HERE IS Drew on the cover of the August issue of Elle (USA), looking amazing as a blond!

OVERALL I really enjoyed it and am now going to proceed to persuade the boyf to come watch it with me!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Days Gone By

THIS WEEK has come to an end with quite a few interesting tales between Monday and Sunday. So Monday I returned back to college, fine for the time being but just wish it started at 11 every morning.

THURSDAY WAS the strangest twist of an evening, with freak outs, ghosts of boys past and farewells. Saturday I got my Blackberry which made my week and has taken up my entire Sunday as I try to figure out how to use it. I also went to watch Knight and Day last night which was quite a good movie, with a few giggles here and there, but what made the night was watching two teenage couples in front of us make out at the same times. The boyf and I were quite amazed at how the one couple kept their heads so still; we thought they were sleeping at one stage. That couldn't have been fun.

AND AMONGST this strange week, I have rediscovered The Hills and The City. I never get sick of reality shows so I was happy to see these were still on. I'm glad to see how successful Whitney Port is doing in The City; she has her own designer line now called Whitney Eve and it's beautiful. Here are a few of my faves:

WHAT I have not missed watching in The City is how bitchy Olivia can be. The things she says and does amazes me as to how someone can actually act like that. The fact that she has my dream job (working at a magazine, especially one as prestigious as Elle) makes my blood boil!

AND TOMORROW is once again Monday; I can't believe it. Having returned to college after such a long holiday, I once again have learnt the value of Friday. So the countdown to such an amazing day begins all over again. I hope everyone has a great week!

Friday, September 10, 2010

My Love for LC Continues

LAUREN CONRAD can do nothing wrong in my eyes; she is my style icon and her reality show, The Hills, is one of my ultimate fave shows! She now has some of her clothing line at Kohl's, which is unfortunately not in South Africa, and here are some of my fave's:

THE DRESS in the middle is my favorite and I love how she does her hair. I have yet to figure out how to do such wondrous things with my GHD styler but I will continue to attempt such things.

SO IT is finally Friday! After returning to college it has taken much getting used to waking up early and concentrating the whole day. It's a lot to ask for in a girl! So after quite a busy week and a little procrastinating here and there I'm taking it very easy this weekend. I'm more than happy to relax in front of the TV, occasionally rising to work on some assignments and maybe, just maybe, venture out to a movie with the boyf. I'm quite keen to watch Vampires Suck so I think that could be on the cards for tomorrow night. As for this afternoon I could FINALLY be getting a Blackberry! Much excitement!

SO I hope everyone's weekend could be as hopefully happy as mine will be!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blast from the Past

I JUST saw this pic of Kate Hudson and ex-hubbie Chris Robinson and man I love her dress! I know a little on the slutty side seeing as it's see-through but she can pull it off. And she also has a rocking body which she claims is from pole-dancing, which I still wanna try but there are unfortunately no classes in Durban. Very upsetting.

Celebs in the Bighouse

CELEBRITIES ARE constantly getting "Out of Jail Free" cards in this game of Monopoly the world is playing. From Paris Hilton's drug busts to Lindsey Lohan's DUI's to the OJ Simpson murder, not one celebrity has spent more than a month behind bars.

RECENTLY THE Bling Ring in Hollywood, which was targeting celebrities' homes, finally got arrested. Alexis Neiers, one of the stars of E!'s reality show Pretty Wild, was arrested during filming and showed all the court proceedings following her arrest. Here is her mugshot:

IT'S PRETTY ironic she and LiLo went to the same detention facility as LiLo was one of the stars that had been robbed by the Bling Ring. Neiers spent one month there out of her six month sentence. Typical celebrity. Here's a shot of her leaving the facility.

UPON HER release she said that she is "humbled, blessed," and "very grateful for my family right now." Who knows what wild think Alexis Neiers is gonna do next but I doubt it's gonna be long before she's back in the headlines.

Monday, August 30, 2010

That Skirt

THE APPROACHING summer (much excitement for sunshine) has got me contemplating my summer wardrobe, what stays and what has to go. And this summer, I am infatuated with high-waisted skirts and I must have many of them in all different colors and patterns! I must!

LAUREN CONRAD, the ultimate fashionista, is a fan of the high waisted skirt and man does she pull it off well! I'm dying to get some great skirts that I can pair with T-shirts for a day look and get some ruffled skirts for the night.

RIGHT NOW I only have a midnight blue wrap skirt but my collection is going to multiply substantially in the next little while. Let's go shopping!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Beached Whale

THERE WAS literally a beached whale in Ballito this weekend. On Saturday morning it just washed up and people have been flocking to the beach all weekend to see this poor creature.

WHEN I first heard about this whale I was so excited to go see one of the ocean's biggest creatures (that we know of, at least). But then I found out it was dead. Not so excited anymore, but now depressed. In my excitement I didn't think through the logistics of a whale on a rocky beach. I did take comfort in hearing that it did apparently die out at sea and then washed ashore. So I'm hoping it wasn't a painful way to go.

AFTER PROMISING my boyf I wouldn't cry if he took me to see it, we went along on Sunday. We had initially been told it was directly in front of a restaurant, but overnight had been washed along the beach. Due to being dragged along the rocks, there were chunks taken out of the poor creature and some parts had been left on the beach a little away from where it lay.

WHEN I first spotted it from a distance, it just looked like an interesting, really big rock. But as we got closer, and the smell began to increase, we began to speculate as to how it was lying. Once your mind has determined that this side must be the tail side, that's all you can see. Until we kept walking and realized the tail was on the ocean side, and the face has been crushed by the rocks. It was a very sad realization but it's incredible to see such a creature on the beach. Albeit very heartbreaking.

SOME REBEL had broken through the tape to get a closer look so we decided we might as well too. I was very cautious walking onto the sand as I did not want to stand on any whale bits! A lifeguard was there making sure no one went too close. I did overhear a policeman speaking about how they were gonna blow it up; I understand that that's the best way to move it quickly but the animal-lover in me just doesn't want to picture things like that.

HERE ARE some photos I took whilst we were down there. Despite it being a dead animal, it's still an experience to see a whale up close and be able to really take it in. Hopefully the next few whales I see will be alive and happy. Here's hoping!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just Be Yourself... one of the most common pieces of advice given. It is also the most annoying as it is very obvious but quite hard to do.

WHENEVER I hear that saying my mind wanders to Just Friends, when the mom, Julie Hagerty, tells Ryan Reynolds to "just be yourself" and then she starts singing a little song about being yourself. It's very entertaining and the scene plays in my head every time I hear that phrase.

BUT MOST people are told this piece of advice when they are nervous about doing something. I was told it by a number of people when going for a voice test at a radio station. But it's very hard being calm and "being yourself" when pursuing something you have always wanted and you could easily fail at. It's easy to say it when you've accomplished your dreams, but try telling that to a student who doesn't know what tomorrow brings. So in the voice test, I tried to be myself as much I as could while hiding my nervousness so we will have to see if they fell for it.

SO IF you're ever nervous about something...just be yourself.

Official Adventures

I HAVE finally booked my ticket to Brazil this December! Your plans only feel like plans until you either pay a large sum of money or receive official documentation. I've done both. Now all the exciting things can start happening, like what to pack, what to wear while I'm there, and where to go.

EVERYONE SHOULD have travelling adventures at some stage in their lives. It's obviously incredibly fun to travel and experience something new, but it also shows you how small your tiny world is and how there is so much out there to discover when you realize the world doesn't revolve around you.

YOU MIGHT have to learn a new language, like I am about to start learning Portuguese. I'm very excited to be learning another language. It's easy going somewhere like America where they speak English but don't understand any other accent, but where's the experience in that? Travelling is all about new things.

YOU WILL eat things you've never eaten before. And I say things because you never know what, or why, some cultures eat the things they do.

YOU WILL meet people that will teach you things and maybe you will teach them a few things. Sometimes the people you meet briefly will have the biggest impact on you. We had a Brazilian guy work at our restaurant for one week but I swear, after he left everyone was on fire to get travelling around our world. He had been to so many places and had so many tales; he was one of those people you're happy you met.

AND THERE are the memories you will keep forever. I still talk about the year I spent in America, and the week I travelled around California. That time greatly effected my life now and I don't regret it for a single second. It was one of the highlights of my life so far and I'm so grateful I got to do it. And now I get to make more memories, with one of my closest friends in the beautiful country of Brazil. I can't wait!

Team Humour

SO I finally watched Eclipse, the third installment of Twilight. I haven't read the books but I've watched the movies out of curiosity; and plus once you've started you gotta see who Bella ends up with.

I'M NOT on Team Jacob or Team Edward but I must say Jacob was much funnier in this movie than in previous ones. I actually posted this quote from him as my Facebook status:
“I kissed Bella….and she broke her hand. Punching my face. It was a little misunderstanding."
Best line ever! Then there is the line from the tent scene:
"Of course, you’d warm up faster if you took your clothes off"
And of course the most romantic thing Jacob said:
"Until your heart stops beating, Bella. I’ll be here — fighting."
But nothing can beat Edward's proposal:
"I come from a different era. Things were a lot less complicated. And if I would have met you back then, I would have courted you. We'd have taken chaperoned strolls, and drank iced tea on the porch. I may have stolen a kiss or two. Only after asking your fathers permission, I would have gotten down on one knee, and I would have presented you with a ring. This is my mothers. Isabella Swan, I promise to love you every moment, forever. Would you do me the extraordinary honor if marrying me"
This is the most beautiful proposal I have ever heard! Men, take notes.

Monday, August 2, 2010

You can have your Cake and put Strippers on it Too

I HAVE just become aware of an amazing show, called Cake Boss, about a bakery in New Jersey that makes the most intricate and amazing cakes. It's about how a family runs the bakery called Carlo's Bake Shop. The only downfall is that you want to eat cake the entire time you watch it, and for a while after.

MY BF and I discovered this show while lazing in front of the TV on Sunday and came across the Sunday Stack on the Discovery channel, showing a marathon of Cake Boss. We were glued to the screen until we had to eventually stop watching and move on with our lives but it has definitely become my new favourite show.

BUDDY VALASTOR Jr owns the store with his mother, Mary, whilst the rest of the family assist in the cake-making or behind the counter. It's a mix of their family life, with constant reference to the late Buddy Sr, who initially bought the store in 1964, and the process that goes into making great cakes. I don't know if I could eat some of the cakes they make because they are made so beautifully I would want to frame it and put it on display.

HERE ARE some of my favourites they have made:

What the cake looked like before Bridezilla got to it. And after...

This one was made for retired firefighters:

And my favourite was the cake made for a bachelorrette party:

They all look so delicious! You can find out more at

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shut the Front Door!

SHUT THE FRONT door! What a lovely expression I have just discovered. I first heard it on Wipeout when a orange-tanned teen girl screamed it out. Than I heard it again on LA Ink when Pixie picked up the decorated cake. So I have adopted this new, outrageous saying.

I THINK IT fits very well with this picture of The Hills famewhore, Spencer Pratt:

“She doesn’t talk to me…because I’m loco!” - Spencer Pratt. Yeah I don't think many people talk to Spencer anymore.

In the Wild

SO THIS PAST weekend my boyf and I were lucky to visit our friends who work at a B&B in the Midlands. Usually when we go away it's to my family's place down the coast so I was super excited to go somewhere new. It's the same distance to the Midlands but a whole other world compared to the coast. The first afternoon we were there all we could hear were cows moo'ing from across the river. What was more disturbing were the (possibly sex) noises and grunts we heard at nighttime.

BUT IT'S BEAUTIFULLY calm out there; and when I say out there, I truly mean out there. When we drove to the restaurant, despite it only being a ten minute drive, I felt like I was a million miles from any form of civilisation or protection. See my paranoia is not unfounded; the previous week my friend's neighbours were killed by robbers who didn't steal anything. So I was feeling a little on edge and to see no lights anywhere near can make a woman become a little girl again.

I DID FEEL like Xena Princess Warrior when we went to shoot some arrows at a target. I've never done archery and it's surprisingly easy to shoot but not so easy to get in on target. A fist pump did occur every time I got anywhere near the middle but the boys still whipped my ass with the points. But man do boys look hot shooting arrows!

WE WERE ONLY gone for three days but it felt like weeks since I had been to work and the weekend definately renewed our relationship. It's amazing what a few days in the wilderness can do for you.

THEN I GOT this email today about a bear attack that happened in Canada and how bystanders couldn't do anything to help the guy getting attacked. And I was just thanking my lucky stars we didn't encounter any bears. Until I saw the images of the brutal attack....

....than I kinda wished I had because I would definately take that bear home with me!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Bid Thee Farewell

SO THERE are quite a few things I'm saying goodbye to this week, some good and some bad. On the very sad side, Grey's Anatomy just ended but luckily with no cliffhangers like last season. Still it's one of my favourite shows and being the impatient person I am, I do not like waiting for a year until the next season comes out.

ANOTHER FAREWELL I'm sad to make is saying goodbye to the soccer World Cup. It ends on Sunday and I'm trying to figure out what will be the best plan of action to see the WC out. Hopefully I found out where to celebrate by this weekend.

THE MOST joyous farewell will actually occur next week; I'm saying goodbye to glasses and contact lenses. Well, at least until I'm 50. I'm going for lasec eye surgery and I couldn't be more excited. Who knew you could be so excited to get your eyes sliced open? Much as I was a little nervous at first, a friend who had the surgery reassured me so the appointment is set and I'm getting ready to really see the world for what it is. I am most excited to be able to open my eyes underwater again when I'm swimming and not worry about losing my contact lenses. My friend was most excited about wearing sunglasses for the first time as he only wore glasses previously. I think with everyone who gets the surgery done, we all get excited for different things but mostly the freedom it provides.

ENJOY the last week of soccer madness and support a team with all your heart! Ke Nako!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ke Nako!

SO TODAY is the most anticipated game of the World Cup so far, Portugal versus Brazil. And it will be played a mere two kilometres away from where I will be....working. And NOT watching the game. Very unfortunate but I will sneak in a few peaks at the gorgeous, and very talented, Cristiano Rinaldo.

DESPITE SOUTH Africa being knocked out of the WC after the first round, there is still a lot patriotism present and it's very contagious. To be honest, I had never watched a Bafana Bafana game until the opening game versus Mexico. I was very surprised at how talented our soccer team is; I'm more of a rugby fan. And despite our valiant efforts, we're out of the World Cup. But all our hearts are still in it.

I HAVE picked two new teams, England and USA, and will narrow it down depending on their performances in the newt few games. After dreading the imminent arrival of the WC, all the foreigners and all the worldwide attention, I have grown very fond of the World Cup and actually dread the imminent end now.

BUT THAT end is still far away so I'm going to enjoy every game we've got left. Go on, support some soccer!
"Look Ma, I'm an aeroplane!"

Thursday, June 24, 2010

VB Covershoot

GLAMOUR'S JULY issue has an amazing cover, Victoria Beckham with a PUPPY! It's fashionable and cute. Take a look:

I'VE ALWAYS loved VB, starting when she was my favourite Spice Girl, Posh Spice. She has impeccable taste in fashion and in men, her leading man being the best accessory she has ever worn. I think every female can agree with me on that!

GLAMOUR'S APPROACH was very different to how media usually portrays VB, usually depicting her as living up to her Posh Spice character. In the article, Victoria Drops the Posh Act (Well, pretty much), they tried to pin her as a typical, down to earth, housewife who actually eats. VB says that she always gets asked the ridiculous question of if she ever eats to which she replies, "I'd probably be dead by now if I didn't".

When she began her very short solo singing career, I thought that she was milking her fame from the Spice Girls for all it was worth. Then she released a clothing line and I started gaining respect for a woman that has tried her hand at many things and found success. But fashion is definately where she should be sticking.

"Sunglasses and a great pair of heels can turn most outfits around"
- Victoria Beckham

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Chop

A FEW weeks back I made a choice to cut off approximately two-thirds of my hair. It wasn't a spur of the moment decision and I haven't regretted it (most of the time). But I have had a few people ask me, very sympathetically, how could I cut off all my hair and am I upset. Now I know I'm pretty subjective seeing as it's my hair but I do think I can pull the cut off quite well but some people are acting as if a mad lunatic with a pair of scissors was running amok and I was a victim of his terrany.

I HAVE been thinking about this cut for months, the slightly-longer-on-one-side bob has always fascinated me. The person I think who pulls it off the most is Jenny McCarthy. Now due to my hair growing unreasonably slow, I did have to put a lot of thought into it and waited until after my 21st in order to do so.

IN THE months before The Cut I spent hours on Google Images checking out what looks good and what doesn't. And then I came across this image...

NOW I know when going for a short hairstyle, you do run the risk of it going wrong but you would think with all Paris Hilton's stylists, at least one of them would have recognized that this was a bad haircut. It resembles a toupe on top of extensions. Not a good look on anyone.

HOW WOULD you deal with a bad haircut?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Birthday Girlzilla

NOW I'VE seen the show Sweet 16 and couldn't believe how snotty those teens could be. And I've seen brides absolutely lose it over a late flower delivery or badly made veil. But I never thought I would be the slightly more pleasant combination of them; I just turned 21.

AS 21 is a milestone birthday, I was planning something different to the usual party. I was given a budget and drew up a guest list. But over the past few months (yes I've been thinking about this for the past few months) the words "I don't want THAT at my party" have been uttered out of my mouth a few too many times. I wasn't being difficult or snotty, I just knew what I wanted and what I didn't. I just didn't realize how thin the line was from being a bit picky to being a complete monster.

LUCKILY I wasn't too much of a brat and on the day everything went according to plan. Your 21st birthday party is a bit of a practise run for your wedding. You have to have a budget, a guest list, what's going to be on the menu, what drinks to serve, how to decorate the venue. It's exhausting! Luckily when I got over all the planning, my mom would still be making phone calls and organizing decorations. Thank God for enthusiastic, helpful mothers.

ON THE day I had my two best friends (and champagne) to assist me getting ready. My one friend is luckily a makeup artist so I just had to sit there, sipping my bubbly, while she did my makeup and hair. Than a whole lot of photo-taking followed!

DESPITE THE hassle, the night turned out amazing and totally worth it. I now understand those 16-year old brats a little more, and respect their money-giving parents a lot more.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Revelations and Tina Fey

So this past week, with a four day weekend, was supposed to be a goodie. But that idea went out the window once cream I'm allergic to was administered to my newly waxed eyebrows. This happened on the Friday and by Saturday night, my eyes and nose had swollen up. So one trip to the hospital PLUS one very painful drip to the hand PLUS lots of medication PLUS another trip to the doctor's on Monday EQUALS a weekend spent indoors.

I didn't mind the relaxation and being forced to relax, but looking in the mirror and not seeing the usual me was what upset me the most. My man did earn many brownie points going with me to the hospital (Note: on a Saturday night) and despite calling me Quasi Modo, did still come visit me in my "ugly" state.

The main thing I learnt though is that I take being normal for granted. I wake up every morning and my eyes and nose are not swollen, I just put in my contacts and get on with my life. After the past week of not really being able to see properly and wearing glasses full time, I really really appreciate looking in the mirror again and seeing my face moving back to normalcy.

I even braved going to Gateway yesterday with my man although it was more a necessity that I got out the house or I was going to go crazy. We chinged for what movie to watch and Date Night won. I thought it was gonna be funny because it had two comic legends, Steve Carrell and Tina Fey, in it but I underestimated it. The movie started off a little depressing about how married couples can get into this phase of being roomies instead of a couple and I think that's a fear everyone faces when getting married. Here I'm sitting in the movie, thinking great now my man will never get married. But then the jokes started rolling and a whole bunch of action. Plus there was Marc Wahlberg, TOPLESS, the entire time he was on. Did I mention he was topless? But he had an equally gorgeous half-naked girlfriend. Than there was also a trailorpark trash version of James Franco, still looking gorgeous, and his partner in crime, Milo Kunis, who also looked gorgeous as usual. The movie ended up being much better than I expected and I did giggle quite a few times on the way home thinking about it. There was even a stripper scene involving Steve and Tina and man Tina looks good for her age in hooker gear!

Starting the week on a Wednesday does help, but here's hoping for a better, healthier week! Who's with me?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dusty Cobwebs

I was delightfully surprised to see my blog is still around despite me ignoring it for the past million years (yup, million years). Due to my college fixing the roof for FOUR months, we have been cramming a sh*t load of work into three months so that has occupied my life lately. I'm getting super excited for the upcoming holiday, plus my 21st is next month. Uber excitement!

GOT to mention how amazing Blindside was! Made me want to adopt the first ridiculously tall black boy I saw and get a southern accent. Sandra Bullock has outdone herself once again, amazing acting. Too bad she married a complete douchebag and everyone knows it. But I suppose every woman has a doucher somewhere in her past.

That's my little procrastinating for now, one more week of assignments and tests than holiday and the official return to Blogland. See you soon!
You know you love me,

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We are Golden

The 2010 Golden Globes was aired on Monday in South Africa and I'm gonna take some time to browse over the events.
I was very glad Robert Downey Jr won Best Actor in a Motion Picture; Sherlock Holmes was amazing! He has definitely moved up to my favourite actor of 2010. Hangover won Best Comedy, no debate there. Paul McCartney said something crazy - "Animation is not just for children. It's also for adults who take drugs". Hmmm. My fave outfit would have to go to Sandra Bullock, she looked amazing in that deep purple. Fergie also had a purple dress with her hubbie making the best accessory. Jennifer Aniston was a knockout with her black dress, looking very cute with Gerard Butler. And Ed Westwick (Chuck from Gossip Girl) looked dashing in a suit which he's quite familiar to wearing on the show. So that's my little evaluation, love or leave it.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Drunk Dialing

One of my fave websites has to be It has some outrageously funny text messages on display there. Here are a few awesome ones:

So i guess my mom went into the kitchen and asked me why i was making mac and cheese at 4 in the morning and apparently i yelled at her to "get the fuck back bitch you don't know my life"

so I was just driving high and I stopped to let a pinecone cross the road because I thought it was a hedgehog.

and then she said I drew a line on her forehead with my cum and whispered "Simba"

You text me last night that you invented a new food. Cheese-less grilled cheese. Congrats, you made toast.

The bartender let me pay my bar tab with my itunes giftcards.

Dude, she knew her leg was on fire and she kept dancing. Bad-fucking-ass.

Dude, I think my check liver light just came on

I had my own version of the Hangover last night. I woke up to a disassembled Christmas tree, shit on the futon, and a hamster in the bathroom with a necklace on that said "Feed Me Bitch." I don't own a hamster. I don't know what I drank last night, but I want to do it again.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Big "Howzit" to 2010

Wow the big 2010 has finally begun. After a long holiday in Cape Town I have returned home to Durban and my blog. Time to get this year of 21st's, the soccer world cup, and visiting Brazil underway! But first a little reminiscing of the previous year.

My Top Ten of 2009:

1. Finally getting my head back into the books and completing my first year of studies.

2. The Gladiator heels - which I have yet to find that are perfect for me!

3. Meeting and falling in love with an amazing guy - sorry had to be cheesy for just a sec!

4. Kanye West stealing Taylor Swift's mike and saying - "Yo Taylor, I'm really happy for you… Imma let you finish. But Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time!
One of the best videos of all time!"

5. The movie Zombieland - "I'm terrible at farewells, so that'll do pig".

6. EVERY 3D movie I watched this year!

7. Khloe Kardashian's wedding to Lamar Odom - it was amazing!! And not just the incredibly big ring he got her but the whole ceremony!

8. Having my own radio show on my campus, even if it was really brief.

9. Going to the Drakenstein Lion Park, Paarl, and walking next to the most magnificent creatures in Africa.

10. Ringing in the new year with family and the most beautiful fireworks on Stilbaai beach.

So here's to another great year ahead!