Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Style Icon

My ultimate style icon would have to be LAUREN CONRAD.

I first saw her on the Hills, which I instantly became addicted to. Whilst the Hills has quite a ridiculous storyline and many will argue that their lives are actually scripted, I enjoy it. But I think I tune in every week more for the fashion and what they wearing that day.

LC always looks absolutely stylish yet comfortable. She knows what suits her and she sticks to it. She loves summery dresses and is the icon of the Californian Girl.

As for her hair, it always looks amazing! And I always try to copy it to no avail. I'm terrible at making waves with a curler, let alone a flat-iron! But my favourite hairstyle from her is the braid she has in the front, going to the side. It looks great and once you've mastered it, it's a great way to keep your fringe out your face.

LC makes style look easy. And that's what makes her a memorable style icon.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Top Ten Places I HAVE to Visit in my Lifetime

1. Hawaii - no explanation needed. Plus I think Kelly Slater resides there. Hmmm the stalking begins.

2. Brazil - my best friend is there plus I wanna see that big ass Jesus statue.

3. Greece - there is such beauty in their ruins.

4. New Zealand - I have become infatuated with visiting, and maybe immigrating, there.

5. Mauritius - it's a glorified beach. Must go.

6. Antarctica - for a summer lover, I'm equally surprised by this. But there's the northern lights, and the magnificent icebergs. I'm also planning on smuggling back a polar bear.

7. Bali - no reason needed.

8. Australia - apparently like SA, but not.

9. Miami - I love Khloe and Kourtney hit Miami :P

10. Revisit New York - it's New York New York. You will forever be changed by the beauty.

Accounting for the Week

So I finally found some amazing gladiator flats and heels *excited squeel* But they didn't have the heels in my size. WTF! No worries, we'll try order them for you ma'm. Sigh of relief. Ok so can I have the left shoe for the flats? I have the right. The left looks like it but it's the opposite, not like an evil twin or anything though. What, you don't have it? How do you not have it? Ok so I'll order it? There's a chance I won't get them? NOOOOOOOOOOOO! FML. So now I'm playing the waiting game for my beautiful shoes. Times two.

When High School Musical 3 premiered on TV, I'm not gonna lie, I rushed home to watch it. I was even a little excited *shock horror* I was forced to watch the first two with the kids I aupaired so I was curious. It was good, had some good dancing/singing scenes. Vannessa Hudgens, aka Gabby, is still a slut though for putting up nude pics of herself. Plus she has a hairy snatch.

I am very keen to visit Brazil next year to visit my best friend. Well I was keen, till I saw the very expensive airline tickets. So I'm reconsidering my student status and reconsidering other travel options. Greece is up there on my places to go. I watched (read fast forward through all the singing) Mamma Mia and it just confirmed what a beautiful place it is that I have to visit!

I found out that if it's too hot inside a concert venue, I will give up watching the bands to go outside and talk to people. Unless it's my ultimate fave band. But that will never happen in Little Durban.

This weekend contains work and a hopefully interesting 21st. The theme : fun but classy. Interesting.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

GG Addiction

Gossip Girl has to be one of the best (although unrealistic) shows on television these days. When it first came out, I couldn't get over the fact that none of them looked like they were in high school. Especially with the clothes they wear! But I soon got hooked on their storyline.
B has to be my fave character. Behind all that bitchiness is a heart of gold. And it's all for Chuck. It's amazing the lengths she is going to to prove she loves him. The relationship between her and the housekeeper Dorodo (probably spelling that wrong) is also very sweet, she comforts Blair in tough times.
But Jenny's story must be the most far-fetched and annoying stories! Her constant drama is too much. Wouldn't mind if she wasn't in the next season.

You know you love me
Gossip Girl