Friday, June 25, 2010

Ke Nako!

SO TODAY is the most anticipated game of the World Cup so far, Portugal versus Brazil. And it will be played a mere two kilometres away from where I will be....working. And NOT watching the game. Very unfortunate but I will sneak in a few peaks at the gorgeous, and very talented, Cristiano Rinaldo.

DESPITE SOUTH Africa being knocked out of the WC after the first round, there is still a lot patriotism present and it's very contagious. To be honest, I had never watched a Bafana Bafana game until the opening game versus Mexico. I was very surprised at how talented our soccer team is; I'm more of a rugby fan. And despite our valiant efforts, we're out of the World Cup. But all our hearts are still in it.

I HAVE picked two new teams, England and USA, and will narrow it down depending on their performances in the newt few games. After dreading the imminent arrival of the WC, all the foreigners and all the worldwide attention, I have grown very fond of the World Cup and actually dread the imminent end now.

BUT THAT end is still far away so I'm going to enjoy every game we've got left. Go on, support some soccer!
"Look Ma, I'm an aeroplane!"

Thursday, June 24, 2010

VB Covershoot

GLAMOUR'S JULY issue has an amazing cover, Victoria Beckham with a PUPPY! It's fashionable and cute. Take a look:

I'VE ALWAYS loved VB, starting when she was my favourite Spice Girl, Posh Spice. She has impeccable taste in fashion and in men, her leading man being the best accessory she has ever worn. I think every female can agree with me on that!

GLAMOUR'S APPROACH was very different to how media usually portrays VB, usually depicting her as living up to her Posh Spice character. In the article, Victoria Drops the Posh Act (Well, pretty much), they tried to pin her as a typical, down to earth, housewife who actually eats. VB says that she always gets asked the ridiculous question of if she ever eats to which she replies, "I'd probably be dead by now if I didn't".

When she began her very short solo singing career, I thought that she was milking her fame from the Spice Girls for all it was worth. Then she released a clothing line and I started gaining respect for a woman that has tried her hand at many things and found success. But fashion is definately where she should be sticking.

"Sunglasses and a great pair of heels can turn most outfits around"
- Victoria Beckham

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Chop

A FEW weeks back I made a choice to cut off approximately two-thirds of my hair. It wasn't a spur of the moment decision and I haven't regretted it (most of the time). But I have had a few people ask me, very sympathetically, how could I cut off all my hair and am I upset. Now I know I'm pretty subjective seeing as it's my hair but I do think I can pull the cut off quite well but some people are acting as if a mad lunatic with a pair of scissors was running amok and I was a victim of his terrany.

I HAVE been thinking about this cut for months, the slightly-longer-on-one-side bob has always fascinated me. The person I think who pulls it off the most is Jenny McCarthy. Now due to my hair growing unreasonably slow, I did have to put a lot of thought into it and waited until after my 21st in order to do so.

IN THE months before The Cut I spent hours on Google Images checking out what looks good and what doesn't. And then I came across this image...

NOW I know when going for a short hairstyle, you do run the risk of it going wrong but you would think with all Paris Hilton's stylists, at least one of them would have recognized that this was a bad haircut. It resembles a toupe on top of extensions. Not a good look on anyone.

HOW WOULD you deal with a bad haircut?