Friday, March 18, 2011

Shopping List

WHAT I miss most about America is the shopping. Close behind that is Starbucks but mostly the shopping. If I ever needed a specific item, it could be found at the many reasonably priced stores. And it could be found that day. Here shopping needs to be done in advance because who knows how long it's going to take to find that specific item.

SO I tortured myself and looked at all the spring items that are being released right now over there. And this list is my absolute fave items I wish I could buy!

*going from the top, left to right*
1. I love fedoras and this one is rocking the two colours! Find it at American Eagle for $15.50.
2. House of Harlow ring, love the detail and the cut. $55 at
3. $69 Destiny wedges, great for day and night! Found at
4. I love the colour in these $15 Design Spark Green and Gold Bangle Set, which can be bought at
5. I love big rings and the diamond square in the middle of this ring is stunning! And it's only $20 so I definitely would have headed to to buy this Design Spark Zig Zag ring.
6. Really liking the grey and white together for this Candie's bag. Only $44 at
7. The shoe design on the sides of these sunnies absolutely rocks! And you can never go wrong with white sunglasses. These Jee Vice Jammy glasses will break the bank a little at $97.50 but if you willing to pay find them at
8. Sparkling pumps are great for sprucing up a day outfit or wearing them on a night out when you giving your heels a break. The Spring Esparaza are $30 and can be found at JC Penny stores or at

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Eat, Pray, Loving It

I WAS a little weary to read Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert when it first came out. I did want to but I was nervous I would want to ditch my man and go on a year-long adventure after doing so. I finally indulged myself.

I UNFORTUNATELY saw the movie before reading the book. It was a great movie but then I read the book and the movie had changed a few things and left out some parts I considered important. And your mind doesn't get to conjure up an image of what all the characters look like, you already know Elizabeth looks like Julia Robers. But I saw it on the flight to Brazil and it gave me this new outlook on traveling and I thought it was an appropriate movie to begin my trip with. Although my trip was only a month long and I wasn't struggling with my inner turmoil.

THE ITALY section did make me want to go study Italian and make my way over there ASAP! But I suppose the way Elizabeth writes so passionately about the place, who wouldn't want to go there? I even started warming up to meditation (not that I have actually tried it) but it's just so easy to feel her love for it. And of course there's Bali, a place that was always on my bucket list and now even more so.

JULIA ROBERTS was absolutely gorgeous in the movie and I think the role suited her perfectly! Julia even resembles Elizabeth, if only slightly. But Javier Bardem does not resemble Felipe at all! But I suppose they can't get it all perfect in the movie.

*real couple vs. movie couple*

UPON COMPLETING Eat, Pray, Love I have immediately begun on her follow-up book Committed. There is still so much to learn from Elizabeth Gilbert. Do yourself a favour and get these books now!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Loving Vera

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What a Transformation

*What a change. Now and then.*

KELLY OSBOURNE was always a bit off when it came to fashion. Not surprising seeing as her parents are the eccentric Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. But she truly has blossomed into a beautiful lady.

KELLY IS now a presenter on E!'s fashion show, Fashion Police, with Joan Rivers. This shows you exactly how far she has come since her outlandish cartoon gear. And more recently Kelly was chosen as the new face of the line Material Girl, created by Madonna and her daughter Lourdes.

TAYLOR MOMSEN, the irritating Gossip Girl raccoon-star, was initially picked but described the line as 'similar to that of a high-class hooker.' Yeah because that won't get you fired.

KELLY WAS more than happy to represent her idol's line and is looking more fabulous than ever. So Taylor, you are the weakest link. Goodbye.