Saturday, July 28, 2012

Waterfalls and Kids

I RECENTLY took a much-needed break and took a few days off work. This comprised of sleep-ins, movies, relaxing, naps and a weekend down the coast to St Mikes. Not too shabby 'ey?

MY MINI-VACATION kicked off with a trip to the movies to watch Friends with Kids. It's basically a sequel to Bridesmaids with everyone switching partners. Overall not a bad movie but it didn't really put getting married and having kids in a great light, kind of like I don't know how she does it with Sarah Jessica Parker. But there were a few funny parts so it wasn't all bad.

THEN BOYF and I took a trip down to St Michaels on the Sea with another couple. SA was experiencing a huge cold front that weekend so the weather wasn't too great. That called for lots of movies and junk food. On our last day we had a bit of sunshine so we took a trip to check out the uVongo waterfall. I've been visiting St Mikes for about 8 years now and didn't know it was there so I had to! After some rummaging in the forest off the beach, we finally found it.

This is on the beach.

We found it!
View of the beach from the forest.
IT WASN'T Vic Falls but it was still cool to go on a little adventure. Then it was back to reality.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Nautical Nautical Nautical

DID I say nautical? That's cuz I'm highly obsessed with nautical at the moment. Although I think it will outlast a moment as I want a lasting anchor inked on me.Typical.

BUT HOW could you not love nautical?! There's the beautiful ocean, the unknown depths, the gorgeous beaches, the incredible combination that is navy and red, and sailors. Have I left anything out? Oh and pin up girls! By the header of this blog, you can kinda see I have a little thing for pin up girls too. I love the vintage style. But if my words aren't convincing you, lemme introduce you to some Pinterest images. Cuz that's how I get my fix.

My favourite tattoo. 

This is the best bikini I've EVER seen.
I don't know how many more times I can write LOVE in this post. Cuz I want to write it again.

And of course the beautiful quotes.

ARE YOU convinced now that nautical-themed takes the cake?

How about now?