Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This Was My First

10 THINGS I did not know about weddings:

1. They are way, way more expensive than 21st's.
2. But just like 21st's, you will have to converse and socialize with people you barely know.
3. It is expected you bring a present to the Kitchen Tea (it is important you are aware that I had never attended a wedding before now. Never).
4. Wearing the sunglasses during the ceremony not only stops you from giving everyone the evil eye from glaring, but also masks your crying.
5. Sometimes there are two ministers for the ceremony.
6. You will stand awkwardly for the half the ceremony until someone tells the congregation to sit.
7. Someone taller will always stand in front of you to block you from seeing the couple's first kiss.
8. Someone you dislike will always be at your table at the reception.
9. Rustic weddings are no place for heels.
10. And most importantly, everyone will get so drunk they won't notice you are walking around with a whole bottle of Malibu under your arm.

Best. Shoes. Ever.

I KNOW I've been rudely quiet of late but life has been somewhat busy. And full of procrastination. But when I saw these shoes, these beautiful shoes, I knew I had to share them. Even though I can't own them, I can stare at them for hours on end. They are from Bebe and are about to be released. The things I would do for these shoes....

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Your Majesty

I AM not ashamed to say it... I loved the Royal Wedding! I was excited about it and hell, I even left college early for it.

I HAD initially recorded it so I could skip through the boring bits but alas those boring bits were few and far in between. I watched a good two-and-a-half hours of it despite having assignments to do and work that evening to get ready for. I then proceeded to talk about it at any given opportunity for the next few days.

HERE ARE my highlights of the whole event:
1. Seeing how beautiful London is (the rain always put me off that place) and how into the wedding everyone was.
2. Realizing Kate Middleton had a good looking brother.
3. Noting she had just as stunning a sister as well. That family clearly got all the good genes!
4. Harry sneaking peeks down the aisle at Kate.
5. William struggling to get her ring on.

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AND THE best part of that entire event was the, not one but, TWO kisses they shared on the balcony in front of all those fans. And of course the look of sheer happiness and love on their faces! *Swoon*

I AM attending my first EVER, yes I repeat ever, wedding next weekend. Do you think I'll have high expectations after watching the Royal Wedding? What did you think of the wedding?