Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Facebook Me

I WATCHED The Social Network Movie last night and I must say I am consequently in love with computer nerds!

I AM quite a fan of the Facebook but never really put much thought into how it got started up. But the movie trailer with Kanye West's Power made it seem so badass; it was a must-see. Basically Mark Zuckerberg, a Harvard student at the time, created Facebook one night whilst drunk. It was first only available to Harvard students than began expanding to other schools in the areas then nationwide. It moved onto other continents and is now available worldwide.

THERE WAS quite a lot of suing involved when Facebook first came out as Zuckerberg was accused of stealing an idea. Tyler Winklevoss and his twin Cameron along with their friend Divya Narendra came up with a very similar concept and had included Zuckerberg in the planning. So they were not impressed when Facebook "went live" as they call it.

EVEN THOUGH the movie drops a lot of nerd equations, it was very interesting going back to how it was created to the court proceedings going on later. Jesse Eisenberg played Zuckerberg; I loved him in the movie as I really enjoy him after he starred in Zombieland. He was a witty asshole.

The cast: Justin Timberlake, Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg. The real Mark Zuckerberg.

THE EYECANDY were the Winklevoss twins, although the real twins aren't nearly as goodlooking. And what was even more interesting: there was only one actor. It was Armie Hammer and the body double was Josh Pence with Hammer's face imposed on it. Dam I would have loved two Hammers!

Armie Hammer

AND HERE is my personal favourite quote of the movie:
Gage: Did you initially give $1000 to be used in the startup of
Eduardo Saverin: Yes.
Gage: And then did you also give an additional $18000 after that?
Eduardo Saverin: Yes.
Gage: So $1000 plus $18000 makes a total of $19000 that you gave...
Mark Zuckerberg: Hang on! Wait... I just want to check your math... yeah ok, go on.
SO GET out there and go see it!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Putting Things into Perspective

THESE PAST few weeks have been quite hectic for me. Three weeks ago a guy drove into me and consequently wrote off my car. My face was pretty banged up from the airbag but I was fine. Then yesterday we had a break-in at our home and my laptop was one of the two things that were stolen. Very unlucky and very upset about it!

BUT THE breaking news of the death of pro-surfer Andy Irons has really put things into perspective. I'm still alive, just minus a few possessions.

THE SHOCKING news broke in the early hours of this morning. Irons had died in his Dallas hotel room, on his way home to his pregnant wife in Hawaii. He had pulled out of the last surfing contest due to illness which may have been dengue fever. Irons has suffered from it before but recovered. Some reports are suggesting a methadone overdose.
I WAS quite shocked to read he recovered from a drug addiction only last year. But I think the saddest part of this story is his wife Lyndie who is left behind. Losing your husband at such a young age must be devastating, especially as she is pregnant. She is due to give birth to a son next month.

SO MY prayers go out to his wife, his family, and his unborn son who will only meet him in another life. Rest in peace Andy Irons. Let your legacy live on.

THIS IMAGE was provided by Zigzag surfing magazine.