Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Accept the Challenge!

WHILST PERUSING the Internet (like I do), I came across a new blog, The Katalina Playroom. It's practically book porn! Another interesting find on the site was the 30 Day Book Challenge. I accepted before I even read it! As I have already posted something on books this evening, I shall leave you in suspense of my response to the challenge. And anyway, I think Blogspot might think my blog has been hacked seeing as I'm posting twice in 24 hours. So lemme get off this thing!

Book Wish List

I FEEL that one's book and music collections are never complete. Music and book stores are the only stores I can not walk out of empty-handed. So I try to avoid them at all costs, for the sake of my bank account. Until I start perusing online. Dam you Exclusive Books!

SO I compiled my book wish list (well, a minimized version) that I hope to begin ticking off soon:

1. Waiter Rant: Behind the Scenes of Eating Out by The Waiter.
I love the Babylon books by Imogen-Edward Jones that takes readers behind-the-scenes of industries and seeing as I was a waitress for four years (something's gotta pay the bills), I am convinced I'm going to find this book very amusing!

2. Sweet Little Lies by Lauren Conrad.
Yes, I know you don't exactly think 'Award-winning writer' when you hear Lauren Conrad, but I did enjoy her first book in the series. It was an easy read and as a reality TV show addict I am interested to see what is revealed in these books, post The Hills fame.

3. Are you there Vodka? It's me, Chelsea by Chelsea Handler
If it's by Chelsea Handler, I'm going to love it! I'm currently reading her first book (again) and just dying to read her latest books. This book is next!

4. The Bro Code by Barney Stinson
If this book is anything like the show it originates from (How I met your Mother), I know I'm going to love it! I can't wait to read it; it's going to be legen .... wait for it ... dary!

5. The Last American Man by Elizabeth Gilbert
I enjoyed Elizabeth's books on her own life (despite my initial apprehensions) so I'm quite interested to read one of her other books that is fictional.

I LOVE the feeling of buying new books. To go home with your arms full of new literature your eyes have not gazed upon. Hopefully one day (sometime in the near future hopefully) I will have a book of my own on the shelves. For now, I shall just riddle the interweb with my thinking.

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