Sunday, June 5, 2011

I am. An Intern.

MY RECENT quietness has been a result of making a temporary move to South Africa's Mother City. Cape Town.

MY DAD'S side of the family all live here so we have spent most our summers in Cape Town but not really in Cape Town. Summers aren't fun when you spend most of the time in traffic or waiting in lines so we avoid the hustle and bustle of the city and stick to the coastal outskirts. So I am now living on one of those outskirts and traveling into the city to be an intern.

I AM an intern at my favourite women's magazine and it has been great to see how the mag gets put together. In between lots of coffee-making and errands. I was gladly surprised to see the office was nowhere near to being a scene out of Devil Wears Prada. Thank Gucci for that!

IT'S GREAT begin here, even if it is the coldest time of the year. I did get to see the most beautiful place and it wasn't to do with Cape Town scenery. It is known as the Magazine Room and it's where the magazines go to retire. There are magazines from the floor to the ceiling. I could die a happy girl in a room like that! From happiness or a magazine avalanche, whatever comes first.

SO TO new beginnings and new experiences in our Mother City.