Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nautical Musings

GREAT WORK ethic, don't you think?

Best. Kitten. Ever.

DOES YOUR life feel incomplete? It's because you have never seen the loveliest kitten in the entire world. Her name is Daisy and she looks like this...

Images via Odd Stuff Magazine.

Chatroullette Happiness

NOW I'VE never been on to the dating website Chatroulette (true story) but I have watched these two videos below made on the site and they're probably two of the best videos I've seen all year. So without further delay...

NOW DID those people jamming along not just make your day? I apologize for the few creeps in the videos though. It comes with the territory.

Farewell 2012

2013 IS fast approaching and I'm preparing to bid farewell to the year that was 2012. What a year - we survived the end of the world! What a relief!

WHAT OTHER awesome things happened this year? Well it was my first year as an official employee which is pretty cool at 23. I tried my luck at being a blond (considering it again as a future hair colour) and then had blue hair which I loved. I won some pretty incredible competitions this year - one of which was the adult version of Reggies Rush but at Exclusive Books. Happiness for days! Rascals are back on the market. I got to watch Linkin Park live in Cape Town. I've blogged more. And I saw a red panda get surprised.

AND WHAT does next year bring? More responsibility at work which I'm amped for. Hopefully moving out of home into a place of my own. Big travels - a short weekend trip to Mabula Game Reserve in Joburg and a 10 day Thailand trip (I'm already counting down the days)! Then there's also Red Hot Chilli Peppers live in Feb and I'm sure many more bands to follow in SA. So bring on the good times I say!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nautical Musings

VS Angels Obsession

SO I just watched the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and I have to admit - I have a major girl crush, obsession, need to dress like them/look like them, follow them around... I think you get my drift.

I'M NOT usually a fan of models and their lack of fat on their bodies and hatred towards food. Oh and don't forget lack of anything between their ears and bitchiness (probably from the hunger). But the way the VS show is done, it makes the angels seem so down to earth and actually... nice. Damn them!

THIS YEAR it took place on Dec 4th in New York City with musical guests Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber (vom). Rihanna's first song, Shine Bright Like a Diamond, was actually really good and I felt it fitting for the VS show. But then she did some horrible rap song with an equally bad outfit - like a jersey tied around her waist, seriously. Bruno Mars I really enjoyed and his whole band were dancing with him after the angels had existed the runway. It was one of my favourite moments of the show. Then Bieber came on... You can probably tell I do not have Bieber Fever. I like two of his songs, one of which purely because Nicki Minaj features. So I didn't pay too much attention to him.

BUT OVERALL these shows are always breathtaking. The work that goes into each outfit and how creatively they add in wings is incredible. So to say I have a girl crush on VS and their gorgeous angels is a little bit of an understatement. If you think I'm exaggerating, watch the show and see for yourself.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Oh Tard!

IF YOU haven't heard of Tard the Grumpy Cat, I no longer want to speak to you. Because you will not be able to understand my absolute obsession with this grumpy cat! Observe...

NOW DO you understand what I'm going on about? It's pretty much the best cat EVER! And now there's a Tard Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and of course meme.

 I PURRED once... It was awful.

Book Lovers Unite

IT'S NO secret that I love books. I love reading. I love buying books. I love getting lost in another world for a little while. So when I found this Tumblr, I felt right at home. Bookworms Anonymous is my new favourite thing and all the below images are from the blog. The top of the blog reads: "I pledge to read the printed world." Beautiful, ain't it?

GO CHECK it out then get stuck into a book.